How To Become a Monster Jazz Musician, Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Using a Time Tested, Old as Dirt Strategy That Works Every Time

Do you ever feel like your adrift in an 'ocean of stuff to practice and learn'?

Do you ever feel straight-up overwhelmed by all the stuff to practice?

Do you ever feel like you have no idea what to work on in the practice room? Or where to even start? (psst. you are most definitely not alone.)

Are you a little disappointed in how much progress you've actually made with your music?

What if that could all change? What if things could be different? What if you could finally put the pieces together and take your jazz chops to the next level?

Well, there is one HUGE lesson I learned many years ago that can change everything for you.

One Practice Strategy That Changed Everything For Me.

And if YOU use this strategy on your own music you will achieve more with your music than you ever dreamed possible...faster than anything else you could do.

Now, I'll be honest. This concept is not some revolutionary, secret practice technique.

It's not some special scale, hip pattern or secret jazz chord matrix.

It's a tried and true, old as dirt strategy for success.

But here are 3 things you should know about this strategy:

There's an art to it.
Most would-be jazzers have no idea how to use it.
Yet it can make more of a difference to your music (and your life) than probably anything else you could do.

What Is This Powerful Strategy, You Ask?

To illustrate, let’s look at a somewhat silly but very helpful story.

Suppose that you want to take a really great vacation. So you put some time aside, take a few days off from work or school. And you take a vacation. You throw some clothes in a suitcase, hop in your car and off you go.

But now what? Now what happens? How do you know you’ll end up somewhere you want to be? How do you know it will be fulfilling, how do you know you’ll like it? How do you know if you brought the right clothing with you? What if you end up in the snow capped mountains and all you’ve got is swimming gear? What if you end up in a crappy little town full of nothing but oil refineries and smelly factories?

I think you get my point. You just wouldn’t take a vacation like that.

It’s common sense. You would most likely decide on a destination first. Maybe you’d like to visit Italy. That’s a starting point. But you would want to sharpen that goal. For instance, you’d choose a specific city – like Rome.

And then maybe you decide that while you’re there you want to visit and experience certain things. You decide you want to see the Vatican, visit the coliseum and rent a motorcycle and spend the day driving through the city.

Well, now you have some goals and targets. And now you can make some plans to achieve them.

Now you can shop around and find the best deal on airplane tickets. Then you can make reservations at a hostel or hotel.

You can now sketch out an itinerary for the adventure. You might schedule trips to certain attractions on certain days. You’ll need to get your passport ready of course and choose what to pack based on what you’ll need on the road. And maybe even do some research and find out a little about local culture.

You wouldn’t need to plan every single waking moment of your trip. In fact you would want to leave some time open to be spontaneous or just relax at the hotel pool.

This Is Exactly the Same For Your Music.

***The players that succeed, the players that sound great and are highly respected in the jazz world are almost always highly goal oriented.***

They don’t just randomly pick up their instrument for awhile each day and arbitrarily practice random stuff. They know what they’re going for and they have a plan to get there.

Without a plan players usually just meander around from topic to topic. They don’t master anything, they develop no original identity, their playing is mediocre and inconsistent at best and as a result they don’t get the respect of fellow jazz musicians let alone the audience.

If that sounds all too familiar, don’t worry. It is never too late to get your playing on track.

But fail to plan…and you can plan to fail.

You can count on that as a rule to live by.

Once you embrace the strategy and create Your Jazz Master Plan, you will have a road map to musical success.

You’ll be in control of your development. You’ll feel stronger; you’ll be even more purposeful.

And, as you hit goal after goal you’ll begin to dig this process more and more as you sound better and better.

But here’s the thing. A vacation is a MUCH simpler, smaller goal than learning to be an improviser of the jazz persuasion.

So, what I’ve created for you is a sort of ‘goals and plans’ guide on steroids for musicians.

I call it ‘Your Jazz Master Plan’.

Please Allow Me To Introduce...

Your Jazz Master Plan

How to Achieve Your Musical Goals Faster Than You Ever Though Possible

Once you put your own master plan in place you will never wonder what to do next in the practice room.

  • You will always be clear about what to work on, focus on and spend your time doing in the practice room.
  • You will finally be able to navigate that giant ocean of stuff to work on.
  • It will bring clarity and purpose that will translate to your playing and begin to make you truly stand out as a player.

What Students and Customers are Saying:

quotation-marksKen Hiatt—Accordionist, Band Leader, Teacher—Waltham, MA “Chris is certainly the best jazz music teacher I’ve ever had, but he’s more than that: he’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had–in any subject. He has a special talent for taking complex topics and breaking them down into the simplest possible parts.Chris’ lessons have been a huge help for me.

quotation-marksTroy H., Canada “I’ve gone through a few of Chris’ courses. The concepts in here are essential to mastering your instrument. I struggle with knowing what to practice from the wealth of information that there is. Using Chris’ course, I’ve made more progress in the last couple months than at any other time. I’ve also gained confidence in playing which feels great…thanks Chris!”

quotation-marksGuy Shkolnik, Israel “Man, what can I tell you…I’ve been working with The Monster Jazz Formula for only 10 days now, but it changed the way I practice. I’m much more focused……2 weeks ago I bumped into one of your clips on the Internet. I actually believe that the whole thing was created for me:)

quotation-marksMaurizio Iosa, Rome, Italy “After millions of methods about what to study, finally a method that lets you understand how to study to reach your real musical goals! Thank you Chris!”

quotation-marksJohn Kozinski Becket, MA “I’ve been a fan of Hal Crook’s books and method. Chris’ videos are the next step to reinforce how to practice improvisation that compliment these books. ….a great addition to a jazzer’s library of learning …but more practical than most books that try to help you to play jazz..”

quotation-marksLiam Fionescu London, England “You have a direct and genuine approach to the development and sharing of knowledge which makes the medicine go down with great ease. It is satisfying to have a kind of jazz-practice guardian-angel!”

quotation-marksC.L. Young “Thanks for all the advice, I feel you were talking to me, Thanks!”

quotation-marksSmilin’ Steve “Thanks for being the first person I’ve ever heard to say these things out loud, and with such creative awareness…., and at the same time encouraging instead of discouraging…..I will look deeper!”

quotation-marksDave Dubé “I’m a pro musician and music teacher myself and got a degree from Laval University (Québec). Chris you’ve got a vision and a passion that I’ve rarely seen from other teachers. I think you’ve got some ideas that can be a real revolution in the jazz education and music education in general. Keep up the good work and the inspiration!”

quotation-marksAlbert D. Haut-Ittre, Belgium “Your method works ; it is efficient and it gives confidence.”

quotation-marksHenry Krupp “Chris, You seem to always nail this thing down! Congrats to another great video that keeps us thinking different.

I used to make the same experiences and actually know that when you’re in that “space” the music just flows out of your instrument. But it needs the ability to let go of the fear of not playing well as Kenny Werner said in his book “Effortless Mastery”.

I also try to promote the art of playing music by ears as well on my website, but my focus is more on the aspiring or amateur musician to lay out a plan on how to accomplish this goal.

However, your method is highly recommended for the “serious” student.”

quotation-marksGinny Simonds “I’ve made the transition from classical to jazz keyboard largely due to your monster formula as it help me set useful goals after many months of wandering in a fragmented way and getting nowhere. That was about 1 1/2 years ago.

My latest focus has been listening, transcribing solos and playing what I hear in my head. As soon as i stop singing, I’m up in head thinking instead of hearing and feel lost. I can’t believe how this has changed my playing!! I’ve ordered Ran Blake’s Primacy of the Ear and can’t wait to read it. The psychologist in me is fascinated by the process of learning by hearing rather than more cognitive processing.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your knowledge.”

quotation-marksThemis Nikoloudis “Hi Chris! I own the monster jazz formula since 2009, and it really changed my life!

Unfortunately, the modern life style is killing the wings of mind and free spirit, and people are not aware or do not believe what a human mind can do..Thank you for setting up my mind not only for musical, but life development also! True words of wisdom from a modern philosopher!”

“Now, one can understand exactly what Michael Brecker and Bill Evans were talking about, when they said they were concentrating on very small portions of music and learning them as thoroughly as possible. Great job man and thanks a lot !!”

quotation-marksJoel Yennior–Trombonist; Instructor at the New England Conservatory—Boston, MA “The Monster Jazz Formula is a detailed and motivational approach to reaching your goals as a jazz musician. This is not just a method for novices – reading through Chris Punis’ books prompted me to rethink my own concepts and approaches to teaching and practicing – after 20 years of professional playing and teaching! I highly recommend The Monster Jazz Formula and plan to introduce it to my own students and fellow musicians.”

quotation-marksBraun Khan – Church Music Director, Private Instructor, Bassist “If you’re serious about learning jazz I highly recommend you check out what Chris has to offer.”

quotation-marksArmando Salazar Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic “The Monster Jazz Formula for me has been a delightful approach in learning the basics of creation, awareness and deep inner feelings, thank you very much”

quotation-marksJavier Vargas (Jazz Studies teacher at the National Conservatory in Santo Domingo) “As a teacher I see myself improving and also passing the knowledge in a more effective way!!! Thank you for sharing jazz monster formula!!!!”

quotation-marksSlide Ackerman, Boston, MA “Your Monster Jazz Formula is spot on! Next to my senior recital, I’ve found defining and refining my own values, goals, vision and mission… to be the most productive and enlightening exercises I’ve ever done.”

quotation-marksDarryl RuffKelowna BC Canada “The Monster Jazz Formula materials are in a class by themselves. Any musician would be miles ahead having these courses in their “repertoire”.

quotation-marksStefan–Zürich, Switzerland “The Monster Jazz was nothing else than a fresh re-beginning of everything I learned since ever: My Music (and so my practicing) began to live and improved 10,000-Times!!!…thank you very much Chris now, practicing and performing is grand joy every day!!!..”

quotation-marksDavid Bond–Mexicali, Mexico “The most thorough method to organize your jazz practicing to attain the most progress.”

quotation-marksChuck Decker, Woodbine NJ “I have been playing for over 45 years, and have studied with some of the world’s best teachers. But as a teacher I see students become overwhelmed with the amount of available information and what to do with it in the limited hours of a day. Your systems allow for individualized pinpoint focus…This is something that I have never found taught in the field of music before, and I swear by your material. You are truly the Tony Robbins of the music education world,—keep it up.”

quotation-marksBruno T. Slovakia “Your knowledge is great, but on the top of that, it is the way you present that makes it unique. You do not make any tricks or give away half-hearted information and I have learned a lot from your materials. It is great that you cover up the mental topics as well, not just technical stuff. We are lucky to be able to wade through your methods!”

Now, I'd like to show you exactly how to quickly create your own Jazz Master Plan.

  • So you can play music that's meaningful to you.
  • So you can play with purpose.
  • So you can set and achieve powerful musical goals.
  • So you can finally become the kind of player you've only dreamed of before.

Here's What You'll Be Getting:

ETW-Unit-1Module 1: Introducing Your Master Plan

Discover a bird’s eye view of the Master Plan: What makes up a killer music plan that gets results.

Find out about the different pieces of Your Jazz Master Plan that you can use to make 2015 your best ‘musical’ year ever.

Learn about the all important goal and plan and what they’ll do for your playing.

We’ll go over the step-by-step process that you’ll use to create a plan that takes your music where you want to go.

ETW-Unit-2Module 2: Principles of Practice Planning

  • How to ‘connect big and small’ so you’re always moving in the direction of your big goals.
  • What tools you’ll use and how you’ll use them to get focus and momentum with your music so you get better faster.
  • One principle that will make your entire journey of music more enjoyable and more productive (Meaning you’ll get better faster, and have fun doing it)
  • One habit that will guarantee success once you put it into place.
  • How to make musical success ‘The Norm’ for you and your playing.

ETW-Unit-3Module 3: The 5 Laws Of Musical Success

  • How to hit your musical goals faster.
  • How to be sure you will hit your musical goals at all.
  • How to build up exponential growth and momentum for your music.

ETW-Unit-4Module 4: The 8 Traits of Monster Players

  • One habit that all great players have and how you can get it too.
  • What serious musicians do with failure and mistakes to keep progress happening.
  • The one thing that keeps solid jazzers moving forward and developing you music all the time.
  • Where great players draw inspiration, ideas and creative influence from.
  • The most important trait that ALL solid players have and respect.

ETW-Unit-B1Module 5: Putting Your Master Plan Together

  • The complete step-by-step process of creating a practice plan that will take your music to the next level.
  • Exactly how to set powerful goals that really matter.
  • How to put the practice pieces together and start killing it in 2015

Free Bonus Course With Your Purchase

The Big Picture

Laying YOUR Foundation For Musical Success

When you get 'Your Jazz Master Plan' today, you will also get my course The Big Picture.

You'll discover how to lay YOUR foundation for musical success, bring purpose and power to your playing and set the stage for a massive musical progress.

This is a $97 dollar value. Yours free when you get 'Your Jazz Master Plan'.

Here's What You'll Be Getting:

ETW-Unit-1Module 1: Thinking Big

  • What is the big picture? What is thinking big? And how it makes the difference for you music.
  • How to think big and, in doing so, expand the potential and possibilities for you music.
  • Discover two powerful concepts – Future Orientation and Suspended Disbelief
  • Why you must think big if you ever hope to play jazz at an advanced level and how you can do it.

ETW-Unit-2Module 2: Your Foundation for Success

  • Discover a complete ‘Roadmap’ to musical success
  • Finally understand how the big pieces of a successful musician fit together
  • Discover the framework for musical goal achievement.
  • Discover the skill-set that should be taught in every musical school and lesson but never is.

ETW-Unit-3Module 3: Your Big Why

  • How to develop you big why. Hint: All great players and All successful people are driven and guided by their ‘Big Why’.
  • Step-by-step system to find your musical purpose and your musical direction: Knowing where you’re going and why your going their is a truly powerful experience.
  • Unlock your motivation and passion by finally focusing on what truly matters to you.
  • Finally stand out from the crowd because you are clear on who you are musically, and because that manifests in your playing automatically.

ETW-Unit-4Module 4: Your Ultimate Vision

  • Get clear on where you’re going with your music.
  • Never wonder what you should be working in the practice room again.
  • Finally be able to sort through the vast ocean of ‘stuff’ to work on and be sure that you’re doing the right stuff.
  • Have a clear, inspired path in front of you for your music. While others fumble around and spin their wheels in the practice room you’ll be zooming forward on your musical journey.

ETW-Unit-B1Module 5: Bringing It All Together

  • Here we put the pieces of your foundation together and discover how to use this powerful new paradigm to kill it with your music.
  • How you’ll use this ‘Big Picture’ to supercharge your master plan.

triangle-bulletHaving this foundation in place along with Your Master Plan will literally make you unstoppable.

triangle-bulletIf you take action and use this material it will work for you. And you will experience progress and momentum you have never seen happen before.

triangle-bulletLearning, growing and moving forward fast is the most fulfilling place to be for a jazz musician. This is your key to get that happening.

You've got 30 Days to Go Through 'Your Jazz Master Plan' and 'The Big Picture'. If for any reason - literally ANY reason at all...Like you're not 100% psyched with the courses, you don't have time to go through it right now, you don't like the color of the website...we'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

Plus You'll Also Be Getting These Bonuses Too

The Master Plan Step-by Step Action Sheets
These step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank worksheets will walk you through the exact process of choosing the best goals possible and creating your Master Plan & Practice Routine.

The Big Picture Step-by-Step Action Sheets
These step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank worksheets will walk you through the exact process of laying your Foundation for Musical Success, getting clear on your values, and your 'Big Why'.

10 Practice Process Maps
You'll be getting 10 of our LearnJazzFaster jazz practice process maps. These maps break down big concepts and practice strategies into step by step process maps you can plug right into your practice routine. Including Mental Rehearsal, Copping Vocabulary, Productive Practice Sessions, Pre-Improv Tune Workout and 6 more.

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