Do you ever wonder if ‘you’re doing it wrong’ in the practice room?

Discover the Exact Techniques You Can Use To Have the Best Practice Sessions Of Your  Life.

So you can get better, faster than you ever thought possible.

Greetings Fellow Jazzer!

My name is Chris Cooke. And I’ve been playing & teaching jazz for a long time now. About 25 years. In that time I’ve learned a thing or two about practicing & learning music.

For one thing, nobody really WANTS to practice. What we WANT to do is to play at a higher level. We want to kill it on the bandstand in front of an audience. We want to express ourselves, swing hard and generally be an all around jazz badass.

The inconvenient truth however, is that to REALLY play we gotta practice. I think we all know this on some level.

It’s more than that though. We have to practice WELL. Not just log long hours. I mean what is it that really separates the top jazz players from the mediocre majority of players?

Answer: Excellent Practice Skills & Habits. The Best Players Are Simply Good At Getting Better.

Quality of Practice Beats Quantity
Of Practice Every Single Time.

Let me explain what I mean. You see, I used to struggle with the exact same obstacles that you might be struggling with in yourself. In fact most of us jazz musicians face the same obstacles.

I used to be so confused and overwhelmed in the practice room. I had no idea what I was even doing – So I focused on ‘putting in the time’ because I thought that alone would do it. (Man, was I wrong.)

My progress was inconsistent at best and I often felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere with my playing.

No one had ever talked to me about HOW to practice. I had no idea if I what I was doing was even working. And I had incredible doubt that it ever would.

Because of my constant struggle I doubted whether I even had what it took to play jazz.

My daily sessions were more like a practice room prison sentence than a creative, productive learning process. But I hammered on until I reached a breaking point. I was so frustrated with my playing and my practicing that I actually quit music multiple times.

But Then Something Happened
That Changed Everything

The turning point was a very disruptive event in my musical life. You may have read the story somewhere else on my blog. But the short version is this:

Back in the day at Berklee College I had set my targets on studying with the great Hal Crook – one of the best musicians & educators at Berklee and, quite frankly, in the world.

I really wanted to get into one of his ensembles at the school. It would have been a great learning experience. But it also would have meant that I had ‘arrived’ as one of the cats in school. I know, I was very ego driven back then. Not anymore though;)

Anyway, Berklee used an ensemble rating system at the time, and Hal’s groups had some of the highest rating requirements at Berklee.

After years working to get my ensemble ratings high enough, I registered for an ensemble with Mr. Crook. Man, I was psyched. I practiced like hell in the weeks leading up to the first class. I had finally 'arrived' and I was ready to kick some musical butt!

Instead, I showed up and got my ass handed to me. Hal told me I wasn’t ready for the group. He told me that I didn’t need to be a better instrumentalist. I needed experience playing with people. He told me to go out and play.

I had been told all the same lines:

Practice makes perfect.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

And I listened. I followed instructions. And I put in the time. Upwards of 6-8 hours + in the practice room every day. I sacrificed girlfriends, social life, family vacations. You name it.

All because I had to put in my time in the shed.

After all that. After doing what I was ‘supposed to do’, I still got booted out of Hal Crook’s ensemble. WTF!!!

I was pissed. I was crushed. I was a little bit broken.

This was a crisis of confidence to say the least. But it shook me up and woke me up.

I Began To Question All The Practice
Advice I Had Ever Been Given

For the first time I began to question whether what I was doing in the sheds was even working. This began a quest that I’m still on to this day. A quest to figure out HOW to learn to play jazz at a high level. How to become the kind of musician I really wanted to.

I continued to practice. And I started to play as many jam sessions as I could schedule per Hal’s advice. But I also began to question everything I was doing:

Was it working?
Was it getting results?
Was there a better way?
What were the best cats in school doing? Was it different? Was it better?
What was missing from my practicing? What was a waste of time?

I read everything I could get my hands on about practicing, learning, music, success, self-help, mindfulness, concentration, etc.

I took lessons & attended workshops with some of the best players around including Hal Crook, Mitch Haupers, Danilo Perez, Pat Martino, Kenny Werner, Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman, Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, Ran Blake, Ian Froman, Ben Schachter, Bob Moses, Bob Gulotti, Jeff Galindo and on and on.

I was on a quest to crack the code.

After heeding Hal Crook’s advice to play as many sessions as I could I auditioned to get back into his group the following year. I got in, had a great time in the ensemble and went on to study with Hal for the next 15 years.

I remember at one lesson Hal made an off the cuff comment about practicing. He said that the best players he knows are great ‘self-teachers’. They were great at making progress by themselves. They knew HOW to practice for results.

I finally saw the writing on the wall. In order to get good at jazz I had to become a great self-teacher. I had to get good at practicing.

When You Get Good At Practicing Something
Very Cool Will Happen To You.

Instead of being confused and overwhelmed you’ll be in control. You’ll KNOW how to get better, and it will be clear what to work on next.

Your progress with music will become much more consistent and steady. Sure, you’ll hit some bumps along the way, but you’ll have the tools to navigate the path to mastery.

You won’t have to wonder if what you’re doing is even working. The results will speak for themselves.

As you experience consistent progress you’ll feel confident in your ability to take it as far as you want and to achieve a high level of ability.

Instead of practicing being a drag it will be fun. Consistent progress with your playing is one heck of motivator. And it’s a freaking blast!

Here’s What A Few Students Have Written In
After They Got Good At Practice:

quotation-marksMike Tucker -  Boston, MA

“When I first saw Chris play at a jam here in Boston, I thought, that's the guy I want to take lessons with. Luckily for me, he's as good a teacher as he is a player.

I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to take their understanding of music to a deeper level, I don't know anyone who will give you a more honest, and passionate education.”

quotation-marksTroy H. -  B.C., Canada

“I’ve gone through a few of Chris’ courses. The concepts in here are essential to mastering your instrument. I struggle with knowing what to practice from the wealth of information that there is. Using Chris’ course, I’ve made more progress in the last couple months than at any other time. I’ve also gained confidence in playing which feels great…thanks Chris!”

quotation-marksKen Hiatt, Accordionist, Band Leader, Teacher - Waltham, MA

"Chris is certainly the best jazz music teacher I've ever had, but he's more than that: he's one of the best teachers I've ever had--in any subject." He has a special talent for taking complex topics and breaking them down into the simplest possible parts.

Chris' lessons have been a huge help for me.”

quotation-marksLiam Fionescu - London, England

“You have a direct and genuine approach to the development and sharing of knowledge which makes the medicine go down with great ease. It is satisfying to have a kind of jazz-practice guardian-angel!


Here’s the thing: real jazz musicians are always focused on moving forward. They know how to get better as players. They understand the process of musical advancement.

They know how to practice. And, in fact they’re really good at it.

Get Good At Practice.
Get Great At Jazz.

When you are good at practice, you see clearly what needs to be done in the shed... You know how to do it... You see the next steps you must take for your music.

And since you know what to do in the practice room, and you know how to do it, getting motivated to practice is a piece of cake. When you know you’re going to get better and hit your musical goals it becomes harder to stop practicing.

Every Jazz Musician Worth His/Her Salt
Knows That You Gotta Practice.


The Jazz Practice Blueprint

Get Good at Practice. Get Great at Jazz.

The Jazz Practice Blueprint was designed to show you exactly how to get good at practicing. The Jazz Practice Blueprint is an online multimedia jazz practice course that shows you all the tips, tools and practice strategies you need to start killing it in the practice room and beyond. There are 8 modules all together with screen shot videos, audio and lesson map PDF's.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get

Module 1Module 1: Practice Room Essentials

Discover the irrefutable laws of practice. When you put these laws to work for your music you basically guarantee that you’re going to get better and better. When you ignore these laws you basically guarantee failure.

How to slash through frustrating musical obstacles and get out of that practice room rut you’re in by using just 1 simple strategy.

5 simple techniques that will maximize your practice time so you can get better faster and make more progress in less time.

Discover the single biggest mistake that would-be jazz musicians make that ensures they never get good at playing (I hope you’re not making this one!)

Module 1Module 2: The Power of Musical Habit Force

There’s a reason we call the greatest players of all time ‘the masters’. In this module you’ll discover exactly what mastery is and how to achieve it with your music.

Find out about 1 important principle that, when you use the right way, will allow you to put musical progress on autopilot. So it just happens.

Discover the amazing property of your brain (plasticity) and how it will allow you to rewrite your musical destiny.

How to create new musical habits and patterns at will. There are patterns and habits in all areas of your music - from your technique to your beliefs to your practice habits. These patterns, good or bad, determine exactly how far you will make it with your music.

Discover the right way to use Deliberate Practice and Mindful Repetition - 2 of the master keys to musical success.

Module 1Module 3: Your Personal Mode of Practice

Discover your own personal mode so you can practice in a way that feels 'right' and is easy for you. You might be struggling simply because you’re going against your own personal mode.

Discover how to connect your physical body & instrument to your ears so the music can flow out effortlessly without thinking or struggling.

How to tap into the truly amazing resources already available to you within your brain. (Hint: Some experts estimate that we use only a small percentage of our brain’s potential. Begin to tap into the rest of the raw, unused potential of your brain and accelerate your musical progress.)

Module 1Module 4: Principles of Ultra Productive Practice

Discover what talent really is and how to create your own talent.

How to tap into the same habits and resources that the so called 'geniuses' do so you can get the same results they do.

How to unlock your motivation so getting better isn't a drag or struggle any more.

Discover how much you must actually practice every day.

Plus you’ll get 'plug and play' practice routine templates so you can create routines that work.

Module 1Module 5: The Jazz Practice Paradigms

Discover 3 learning paradigms that will move your playing forward more quickly than possibly anything else you do to with practice.

Learn the path to mastery, how mastery works and how to practice so you get to mastery...this will ultimately make playing real jazz easy and effortless.

How to use mindful deliberate practice to be in complete control of your progress. (hint: this is how the great players do it).

Module 1Module 6: Advanced Practice Strategies

Learn 4 advanced practice strategies that you can use to get better even faster.

Discover the one practice technique that will have the most dramatic effect on your musical progress possible.

How to tap into the power of your whole brain to rapidly accelerate your practice.

How to leverage your practice activities and nail a topic with an advanced strategy called ‘topic integration’.

Module 1Module 7: You and the 'Wall'

Find out about resistance, how it can sabotage your efforts, how it will show up for everyone and how you can get through it.

Discover the kind of practice that is fulfilling, fun and will ultimately get you through any musical obstacle you put to the test.

Discover the kind of practice that is frustrating, painful and will hold you back so you can stay clear of this approach.

1 idea that will ensure that you are getting better each and every day. If you've ever known a player that is really good, this is how they did it.

Module 1Module 8: The Essential Practice Tools

4 essential tools that will empower you to make more improvement, more quickly.

Awareness is the master key to musical growth. Learn how to use these tools to greatly increase your awareness of sound, musical elements, body tension, thoughts, time and tempo.

Discover 13 powerful ways to use these simple practice room tools to strengthen your time and rhythm, nail your technique, get laser sharp focus and expand your musical awareness.

Will This Work For You?

The short answer is yes.

Now listen.

I know that anyone with an open mind that’s willing to put in some productive practice time can learn to play real jazz. I know it’s possible because I've seen it time and time again with my students.

In fact, if you’re a cat that’s been struggling but just not getting anywhere this could be a really exciting day for you.

Here’s an analogy for you: You’re in your car, revving up the engine, burning gas and making a big old racket.

But you just can’t get the car into gear. So you’re not going anywhere. Suddenly it drops into 1st and you go tearing off down the road.

That’s what it can feel like when you’re already working but you don’t have the essential principles, habits and strategies in place. It’s like your revving your practice room engine but you’re not in gear yet.

We’ll I’d like to help you get into gear in the practice room.

The practice room is where it starts. It’s where you get your chops together. It’s where you hammer out your sound and put together your musical vocabulary. That’s why it’s so important to get good at practice. Without the practice room, you’re never gonna get your playing together.

But the truth is, there is also a lot of experience you need outside of the practice room to get you from noodler to monster. That’s why I’m also including a whole other course with The Jazz Practice Blueprint.


Beyond the Practice Room

Your Guide to Practice Bands, Jam Sessions, Rehearsals and Gigs 

When you get the jazz practice blueprint today, you will also get my course Beyond The Practice Room. In beyond the practice room you’ll discover what to do outside the shed.

How to kill it at jam sessions, how to organize rehearsal bands and practice groups, how to feed your creativity and aural imagination using deliberate listening and a ton of other great stuff. This is a $97 dollar value. Yours free when you get the jazz practice blueprint today.

You'll Also Get All 6 Modules Of
Beyond The Practice Room (Free)

Module 1

Module 1: The Great Musical Balancing Act

Discover the 1 concept that can mean the difference between playing real jazz (That other cats can dig) and hacking out scales and patterns (That put other cats to sleep)

How to balance your musical activities so you advance as quickly as possible AND you don't burn out and get bored.

The 9 areas of musical development - if they're working in harmony you're gonna get better and better - if they're out of whack, you'll struggle.

Learn how to bring balance to your music and your musical life so you maximize your musical efforts and make more progress, more quickly.

Module 2

Module 2: Balance in the Practice Room

How to bring balance to your practice routines so you get killer chops, develop your improv skills, have fun and nurture your musical spirit.

Learn how to stay out of the 'exercise trap' that is responsible for many a boring jazz wannabe.

How to find the creative and playful way to work on any topic so practice isn't something you dread and so you don't become a robotic finger wiggler of a player.

How to make your practice fun, fulfilling and enjoyable so you actually WANT to do it as much as possible.

Module 3

Module 3: Listening to Music

How to use the Power Practice Paradigm to maximize your listening and feed your aural imagination.

How to tie your listening in to your instrumental work for maximum results in the shed.

Discover 2 ways you must be using listening in your practice sessions.

The exact step by step method I use for listening (Inspired by the great pianist Ran Blake) that is like pouring gasoline on your creative fires.

Module 4

Module 4: Live Music

Why you must see live music and how to make sure it isn't a waste of time.

How to prepare for a live show so you get the most bang for your buck.

How to choose the 'right' music to spend your time and money seeing.

How to leverage live gigs, shows and concerts so you get the most benefit possible - for your playing, for your ears and for your career (even if you just play part time)

Module 5

Module 5: Practice Bands and Rehearsal Groups

How to assemble practice bands and rehearsal groups - having the right people means the difference between success and frustration.

Discover 7 ways to focus your band so you get better at jazz instead of sound like a noodling jam band.

How to use practice partners to maximize your own practice efforts, make practice more fun and to practice anything.

6 Things you must consider when organizing your group if you want your band to sound good.

9 Ways to effectively shed with a practice partner.

Module 6

Module 6: Killing it at Jam Sessions

Discover 6 reasons why you must take advantage of jam sessions.

How to prepare for a jam session and 'set yourself up to win' (i.e. sound good!).

10 ways to make sure you sound as good as possible and get invited back up to play next time.

How to tie your jam sessions into your time in the shed to maximize your practice and to sound better at the next session

Process Maps, Cheat Sheets and
Done-For-You Practice Plans

  • You'll Also Be Getting...

    I’ve included a few more resources with The Jazz Practice Blueprint as well. The following practice planners, cheat sheets, practice plans and process maps will help get your started fast. And will serve as quick glance references for you in the practice room.

  • The Daily Practice Planner

    This one page practice planner will make having killer practice sessions simple and easy. You can keep track of it all on one page so you know exactly what to do in the shed today and tomorrow and so on.

  • Jazz Practice Process Maps

    You’ll also be getting five killer practice process maps that you can use as at a glance cheat sheets including:

    1. Designing Killer Practice Routines
    2. Running a Productive Rehearsal
    3. Copping Jazz Vocabulary
    4. Pre Improvisation Tune Workout
    5. Improvising at the Edge of Your Ability

  • Done-For-You Practice Plans

    I’m also gonna throw in 5 done for you plans. These plans break down 5 big musical topics into easy to digest bite size pieces. You can take these plans and just plug them into your new practice routine and boom, you’re making progress.

    1. Learning to Play In 5
    2. Chord Tone Soloing
    3. The Nuts and Bolts of Major Keys
    4. Memorize 100 Tunes
    5. Get Lots of Gigs

Are You Ready To Transform Your
Practicing AND Your Playing

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Here’s What Some Of My Students Have Written In About Our Courses And Teachings.

quotation-marksMaurizio Iosa - Rome, Italy

“After millions of methods about what to study, finally a method that lets you understand how to study to reach your real musical goals! Thank you Chris!”

quotation-marksJohn Kozinski Becket, MA

“I’ve been a fan of Hal Crook’s books and method. Chris’ videos are the next step to reinforce how to practice improvisation that compliment these books. ….a great addition to a jazzer’s library of learning …but more practical than most books that try to help you to play jazz..”

quotation-marksGinny Simonds"

I’ve made the transition from classical to jazz keyboard largely due to your monster formula as it help me set useful goals after many months of wandering in a fragmented way and getting nowhere. That was about 1 1/2 years ago.

My latest focus has been listening, transcribing solos and playing what I hear in my head. As soon as i stop singing, I’m up in head thinking instead of hearing and feel lost. I can’t believe how this has changed my playing!! I’ve ordered Ran Blake’s Primacy of the Ear and can’t wait to read it. The psychologist in me is fascinated by the process of learning by hearing rather than more cognitive processing.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your knowledge.”

quotation-marksGuy Shkolnik - Israel

“Now, one can understand exactly what Michael Brecker and Bill Evans were talking about, when they said they were concentrating on very small portions of music and learning them as thoroughly as possible. Great job man and thanks a lot !!”

quotation-marksStefan - Zürich, Switzerland

“The Monster Jazz Formula was nothing else than a fresh re-beginning of everything I learned since ever: My Music (and so my practicing) began to live and improved  10,000-Times!!!...thank you very much Chris now, practicing and performing is grand joy every day!!!...”

“Yes! Chris! I’m ready to make some serious progress with my playing!”

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  • Beyond The Practice Room

    When you get The Jazz Practice Blueprint today you’ll be getting a entire second course for free. Beyond the practice room includes 21 Videos, Audios & Course Mind-Maps. It’s the perfect match for The Jazz Practice Blueprint. It will help you ‘take care of business’ outside of the practice room and get the most out your sessions, rehearsals and gigs. (Regular Price – $97)

  • Practice Plan, Cheat Sheets and Process Maps

    You’ll also be getting the practice planners, cheat sheets, DFY practice plans and process maps which will help get you started fast. And will also serve as quick glance references & cheat sheets for you in the practice room. (Retail Value – $41)

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Thanks so much for taking the time to check out this page.

I hope you enjoy The Jazz Practice Blueprint.

And I hope to see you on the other side!

Dig it,

Chris Cooke

P.S. Is it time to turn your music around, and stop repeating the same old practice mistakes and unproductive patterns? You can start that transformation with The Jazz Practice Blueprint. When you get in today you’ll get all the multi-media content: The Jazz Practice Blueprint, Beyond the Practice Room, The Daily Practice Planner, Five Jazz Practice Success maps and The Five Done-For-You Practice Plans. You’ll get it all for just $97

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P.P.S. The fact is, your music isn't going to change itself. You need to take action to do it.

If you’re content where you are and you’re already a monster player you don’t need this course. Or if you don’t really care whether you get better or not. Then this course isn’t for you. Keep doing what you’re doing. If jazz is just a causal hobby and you don’t really care one way or the other. Have fun! More power to ya.

But to me, if you’re serious, it seems silly to risk spinning your wheels and wasting your time forever. If you’re ready to start your practice room transformation today click here now. Get good at practice. Get great at jazz.

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