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Dear Fellow Jazzer,

My name is Chris Cooke. Thanks for visiting!

Now, I’ve been playing jazz for 23+ years. I've been teaching and performing in the Boston area for the last 16+.  And I've been running since 2008.

And during that time I’ve picked up a few things about learning jazz that have worked well for me. And have allowed me play jazz on a level that I could only dream of a few short years ago.

In fact, the methods I’ve discovered have worked well for me and for my students. That's why I know they'll work for you too.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

But the thing is, once upon a time I was STUCK with my playing. And uncertain about my future as a jazz musician.

  • I was full of self-doubt about my talents and my musical abilities.
  • I wondered if I was one of the lucky ones who ‘had what it takes’ to play jazz.
  • I was overwhelmed by the giant mountain of stuff to practice.
  • It seemed like no matter what I did or how hard I worked I couldn’t get my playing together.
  • And I was terrified that I would never be able to play REAL jazz.
  • In fact, I often thought about throwing in the towel and giving up on music all together.

Listen, I know that might sound a little melodramatic. I might even sound like a crazy person. But the truth is there were hundreds of neurotic practice freaks like me when I was at Berklee College of Music. Maybe more.

In fact, I realized that just about everyone in school suffered from these same feelings, fears and frustrations.

Jazz was a constant struggle for me in those days. And it went on like that for quite some time.

Years in fact. And it took hitting rock bottom for me to finally turn it around.

I don’t want to get into all the gory details. But there was one particularly rough week when a few unfortunate things happened.

Long story short, I was dealing with some difficult events in my personal life. Including a recent break up of long term relationship with a woman whom I thought was to be my life partner. And the sudden passing of a close friend from high school.

It was the beginning of my third year at Berklee college of music and I had just registered for the ensemble of my dreams.  It was the legendary Hal Crook’s Jazz Ensemble.

Hal’s were the best groups in the school. And I was beyond happy that I had finally made it in. I had arrived as one of ‘the cats’ on the Berklee scene.

I showed up to the first rehearsal and was floored by the other players in the band. Truly killer musicians. I was so psyched to be able to play with these cats. And to learn from the great Hal Crook.

It didn’t last long though.

A week later, on the day I returned back to school from my friend’s funeral, Hal threw me out of his ensemble.

He told me I wasn’t ready for his group. He told me what he thought I needed to do. And told me to call him in a year to see if I was ready for the band.

Well, I’ll tell you, this was a major blow. And I wasn’t emotionally prepared to deal with it.

It knocked me on my ass for a good couple of weeks. I was depressed, lost and close to quitting music all together.

But as I bounced back and got my legs under me, I began to examine and contemplate my path with jazz up to that point.

I thought about what Hal had said to me and the advice he had given me. I decided I DID want to play music. I did want to be a legit jazzer. And come hell or high water I was gonna figure it out.

Now here’s the thing:

I had worked hard up until this point. I was no slacker. I did exactly what I thought I was supposed to do. I practiced. A lot.

I sacrificed many things in my life. My social life, a wonderful relationship, family get togethers, vacations and sleep, to name a few. All in the name of being a jazz musician.

And then I get thrown out of Hal’s group? WTF, dude?

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that my approach to practicing jazz wasn’t working. I WAS practicing hard. I WAS putting in the hours. But I was NOT seeing the results I wanted.

This set me on a quest to crack the jazz code, to figure out how to practice, how to learn and how to become the jazz musician I wanted to be.

This journey took me to many places. I read, studied and devoured everything I could get my hands on. I dug into a wide variety of topics I thought might help my cause:

This journey also took me to master classes & clinics with  many Jazz Masters.


Dave Liebman, Kenney Werner, Joe Lovano, Danilo Perez, Pat Martino, Rashied Ali, Gunther Schuller, Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, Ben Schachter, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, And many, many more.

And it led me back to the legendary jazz educator Hal Crook. I took his advice, did what he told me to do. Worked hard for a year. And got back into his band:)

I went on to study with Hal off and on for the next 15 years. I now consider him an important mentor. And I am beyond grateful he came into my life.

I learned a lot during those formative years of my musical development. And I amassed many lessons, strategies, concepts, frameworks, practice processes and practice paradigms. And that's exactly what I want to share with serious students of jazz.

What’s interesting is that years later I met a cat named Joel Yennior. Joel is a major player on the Boston scene. He's also a teacher at the world renown music school The New England Conservatory. We’ve played in bands together off and on for the last 13 years. After getting to know Joel I came to find out that his path with jazz was almost identical to mine.

He also struggled to put the pieces together. Finally he got tired of it and started a similar quest to figure things out. Luckily he found his own master mentors who helped put him on the right track.

And now he’s amassed his own step-by-step systems, frameworks and jazz improvisation methods. He first used them to get his own chops together. And over the years he’s refined and perfected them while teaching at the conservatory.

Here’s the good news.

Joel and I recently partnered up at We've decided to put our best lessons together into one spot. A member's dashboard where you can get access to exactly the information you need, when you need it. To help get you unstuck and get you moving ahead with your playing.

Whether that’s sharing:

eight-note-bulletOur best practice strategies

eight-note-bulletStrategies to increase your musical confidence

eight-note-bulletGoal setting for jazz musicians

eight-note-bulletJazz ear training exercises

eight-note-bulletJazz improvisation techniques

eight-note-bulletHow to craft a killer practice routine...’s all in there. Inside the LJF dashboard for your taking. And it’s growing each and every month with brand new lessons, practice plans and content added regularly for you.

Instead of feeling stuck with your playing and uncertain about your musical future imagine a different reality:

  • Imagine knowing exactly how and what to practice so you can easily hit your musical goals.
  • Imagine KNOWING that you WILL get the results you want as a player in due time.
  • Imagine having the clarity and focus to easily choose the most important practice topics. Imagine knowing that you’re practicing ‘the right stuff’.
  • Imagine getting results. Plain and simple. Imagine seeing yourself improve and get better day after day and week after week.
  • Imagine knowing in your gut that ‘getting there’, becoming the kind of improviser you really want to be in your heart of hearts is just a matter of time.
  • And that'll it'll happen sooner, rather than later.

Here’s the thing. Joel and I eat our own dog food, as they say in the software world.

In other words we use everything we teach, ourselves. In fact that’s how we figured this stuff out. While working on our own art. And our own craft.

Joel and I have worked together for many years, in many projects, on many gigs.

One of my favorites has been a band called Gypsy Schaeffer. Joel and I made three critically acclaimed records with that project.

Legendary jazz writer & critic Nat Hentoff had this to say about the band:

"Gypsy Schaeffer has established its own distinctive identity- a lyrically swinging, immediately identifiable addition to the jazz scene. Freshly contemporary, it's nourished by the legacy of the music while adding its own collective voice, seamlessly shaped by its soloists, who know how to listen, learn, and enjoy each other."

But, I figure you might want to hear Joel and I actually playing jazz. So here’s just a quick clip of the band featuring Joel & I together.

Black Friday featuring Joel Yennior on Trombone & Chris Cooke on Drums
(With A. Voelker & J. Charland)


Who's For Edward featuring Joel Yennior on Trombone & Chris Cooke on Drums (With A. Voelker & E. Perez)


Here’s what our students are saying:

“I have been playing for over 45 years, and have studied with some of the world’s best teachers. But as a teacher I see students become overwhelmed with the amount of available information and what to do with it in the limited hours of a day. Your systems allow for individualized pinpoint focus.  This is something that I have never found taught in the field of music before, and I swear by your material.
~Chuck Decker, South Jersey

“I’ve been a fan of Hal Crook’s books and method. Chris’ videos are the next step to reinforce how to practice improvisation that compliment these books. ….a great addition to a jazzer’s library of learning …but more practical than most books that try to help you to play jazz..”

“When I first saw Chris play at a jam here in Boston, I thought, that's the guy I want to take lessons with. Luckily for me, he's as good a teacher as he is a player.

I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to take their understanding of music to a deeper level, I don't know anyone who will give you a more honest, and passionate education.”
~ Mike Tucker -  Boston, MA

Now, one can understand exactly what Michael Brecker and Bill Evans were talking about, when they said they were concentrating on very small portions of music and learning them as thoroughly as possible. Great job man and thanks a lot !!”
~ Guy Shkolnik – Israel

"With little more understanding of music than I could remember from high school band, Joel’s straight-forward teaching style quickly provided me with the foundation I needed.

Joel’s easy going demeanor paired with his obviously extensive knowledge base was a perfect fit for me. I really appreciated how Joel  balanced the theory (which can be challenging) with anecdotes from the jazz world such as the one above, and the times he insisted we all bring our instruments so that we could apply what we were learning right then and there."
~ Charlotte Dumont, Bassist - Stoneham, MA

"Joel is a wonderful, responsible, experienced jazz teacher and has a great personality - I really admire him!"
~ Zuo Wang, Jazz Pianist - China/Boston

"When I joined New England Conservatory Prep I began taking lessons with Joel, and he could not have been more helpful.

As a virtuosic trombone player, he is also able to explain the methods behind his own playing and impart them on his students.

He can also play piano well which was extremely helpful during lessons in terms of understanding harmony, and he has a comprehensive knowledge of all styles of music, theory, and ear-training."
~ Josiah Reibstein, Jazz Tubist and Composer - Lexington, MA

"Joel's course forever changed the way I think about, play, and hear both classical and jazz music. Joel is a wonderful teacher -- I found him really motivating and inspiring.

Joel uses clear language and simple examples that are well-sequenced. The course content is really easy to understand. It includes many examples and ideas for practicing on your own instrument, so you can immediately apply what you are learning in the course!"
~ Cindy Goodof, Jazz Pianist - Needham, MA

The Monster Jazz Formula for me has been a delightful approach in learning the basics of creation, awareness and deep inner feelings, thank you very much”
~Armando Salazar – Quito, Ecuador, South America

“Your knowledge is great, but on top of that, it is the way you present that makes it unique. You do not make any tricks or give away half-hearted information and I have learned a lot from your materials. It is great that you cover up the mental topics as well, not just technical stuff. We are lucky to be able to wade through your methods!
~Bruno T., Slovakia

“You have a direct and genuine approach to the development and sharing of knowledge which makes the medicine go down with great ease. It is satisfying to have a kind of jazz-practice guardian-angel!
~Liam Fionescu – London, England

Chris, You seem to always nail this thing down! Congrats to another great video that keeps us thinking different.

I also try to promote the art of playing music by ears as well on my website, but my focus is more on the aspiring or amateur musician to lay out a plan on how to accomplish this goal.

However, your method is highly recommended for the “serious” student.
~Henry Krupp—Saxophonist, South Korea

The Monster Jazz Formula materials are in a class by themselves. Any musician would be miles ahead having these courses in their ‘repertoire’".
~Darryl Ruff, Kelowna BC Canada

"If you're serious about learning jazz I highly recommend you check out what Chris has to offer."
~Braun Khan—Church Music Director, Private Instructor, Bassist, Greeley, CO

Thanks for all the advice, I feel you were talking to me, Thanks!
~C.L. Young

Thanks for being the first person I’ve ever heard to say these things out loud, and with such creative awareness…., and at the same time encouraging instead of discouraging…..I will look deeper!”
~ Smilin’ Steve

“I’m a pro musician and music teacher myself and got a degree from Laval University (Québec). Chris you’ve got a vision and a passion that I’ve rarely seen from other teachers. I think you’ve got some ideas that can be a real revolution in jazz education and music education in general. Keep up the good work and the inspiration!”
~ Dave Dubé

The most thorough method to organize your jazz practicing to attain the most progress.
~ Bond–Mexicali, Mexico

Introducing LearnJazzFaster Monthly

Like I said Joel and I decided we wanted to take our best lessons and put them all in one place online. A place where Monthly members could get the lessons they need most to advance with their jazz playing.

But we also wanted to make sure it was accessible to everyone. And that anyone could get the information they needed, without having to spend tons of money.

And so, LearnJazzFaster Monthly was born.

Inside the member’s only dashboard you can access the LJF courses. Including all the videos, audios, PDF’s, practice maps, checklists, worksheets and done-for-you practice plans.

A taste of what you'll get instant access too:

A Whole Brained Approach
To Jazz Improvisation

What you’ll discover in Playing The Changes:

One cool trick you can use to easily play over chord changes even when the chord movement is very fast.

How to clearly ‘outline the changes’ so you can create tension & release in your solos and keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

How to use digital patterns to quickly get started improvising, making the changes and playing ‘8th note lines’ like a pro.

A  step by step method to master & memorize any jazz tune or standard…the right way, so you never forget it.

How to systematically practice and apply chord scales to the changes so you don’t sound like just another ‘chord scale noodler’.

20 must know jazz rhythms, exactly how to assimilate them into your vocabulary and how to start using them in your solos immediately.

The right way to use transcriptions so you can avoid the pitfalls that hold many players back.

Hear What You Play.
Play What You Hear.

What you’ll discover in The Ear Training Workshop:

How to internalize and master the building blocks of music so you can learn melodies by ear, sight sing new music and recognize chord tensions by ear.

Learn how to develop your musical memory so you can easily learn and memorize melodies, tunes and jazz language

How to play what you hear, hear what you play and connect your ears to your instrument.

How to develop harmonic control so you can have more flexibility, more confidence and never get lost on the changes.

How to develop the ability to ‘hear ahead’ on the changes so you can develop your solos and create forward motion in your lines.

Simple practice techniques to help you internalize rhythms and increase your ‘beat awareness’ (so you swing harder and so you never get turned around on the beat).

How to use a notation pitch map to make transcribing easier, faster and more beneficial for your playing.

Get Good At Practice.
Get Great At Jazz.

What you’ll discover in The Jazz Practice Blueprint:

1 simple practice strategy to slash through frustrating musical obstacles and get you out of any practice rut you’re stuck in.

5 simple techniques to maximize your practice sessions so you can get better faster and make more progress in less time.

1 important principle that, when you use it the right way, will put your musical progress on autopilot.

How to tap into the same habits and mental resources that the so called 'geniuses' do so you can get the same results they do.

3 ‘Plug and play’ practice routine templates so you can quickly create routines that work.

3 powerful ‘learning paradigms’ that will help you progress with your jazz playing more quickly than anything else you do with your practice.

4 essential practice room tools that will empower you to make more improvement, more quickly…and 13 ways to effectively use them.

Your Guide To Jam Sessions,
Practice Groups and Gigs

What you’ll discover in Beyond The Practice Room:

1 idea that can mean the difference between playing real jazz (That other cats dig) and hacking out scales and patterns (That put the audience to sleep).

9 key areas of musical development - if they're working in harmony you're gonna get better, faster- if they're out of whack, you'll struggle.

How to make your practice fun, fulfilling and enjoyable so you actually WANT to do it as much as possible.

The exact step by step method I use for listening and developing jazz vocabulary (Inspired by the great pianist Ran Blake) that is like pouring gasoline on your creative fires.

6 Things you must consider when organizing your practice & rehearsal groups if you want your band to sound good.

How to prepare for a jam session the right way, ‘set yourself up to win’ and sound great doing it.

10 ways to ‘hack your solos’ and immediately sound better at jam sessions so you get invited back up to play the next time.

Tap Into Your Inner Muse
and Unlock Your Musical Genius

What you’ll discover in Unlocking Your Musical Creativity:

My personal 7 step method for getting into ‘flow state’ and tapping into your creativity.

4 mandatory conditions for a highly creative practice session so you can easily get into the creative mindset and kick-start the creative process.

10 ways to awaken your creative muse, get the creative juices flowing and tap into the expansive creative potential of your own musical mind.

How to nourish your creativity, collect ‘source ideas’ and feed your aural imagination.

How to use history playlists, personal soundscapes and the ‘Stravinsky Method of Creative Release’ so you never run out of creative ideas again.

11 types of ‘forced modification’ you can use to develop your vocabulary, jazz language and endless creative variations.

1 simple technique to create variations on licks, lines and melodies that you can use to create and develop original new vocabulary and jazz language for yourself.

And that’s just a small sample of what you’ll find inside your member’s dashboard.

Actually there are more than 16 courses with more content added each month.

As you can see, if you bought the entire collection of  all 16+ LJF courses & music trainings it would cost you literally thousands of dollars.

But the good news is, I’m gonna show you how you can get instant access to everything inside the member’s only dashboard for MUCH, MUCH less.

In fact the cost is much less than it probably could be:

  • Based on what it cost to learn & assemble this knowledge with over 20+ years of school & private lessons, books, courses and other resources. That’s for both Joel and I.
  • Based on what it would cost to study with Joel & I (or other professional, music school educated teachers.
  • Based on what it would cost to take a course with a pro player like Joel Yennior at New England Conservatory.
  • Based on the incredible amount of trial and error time both Joel and I have spent in the shed, at rehearsals and on the bandstand.

You’re getting access to a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge for a fraction of the cost you could be paying.

You can get instant access to everything:

All 16+ LearnJazzFaster courses, practice plans and interviews
(With more new content every month).

Including the hundreds of course videos, audios, PDF’s, practice maps, practice plans, practice checklists & cheat sheets, worksheets and resources. Plus the LJF master classes and guest interviews with pro musicians.

You'll get instant access to it all for a full 21 days for just: $1

After 21 days your LearnJazzFaster membership will cost just $29 per month.

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And my sincere hope is you’ll love what you see and you’ll choose to stay with us.

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A paltry sum, my friend...

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Let The Students Speak!

“This is awesome!! I have been hovering as an “okay” player for many years. I now have a glimpse of the way forward to being the player I want to be. Thanks for this.”
~Greg Lassalle, United States

“After millions of methods about what to study, finally a method that let you understand how to study to reach your real musical goals! Thank you chris!”
~Maurizio Iosa, Rome, Italy

“Great stuff, teaches you how to teach yourself, teaches you how to be better, a better musician, a better person. One step at a time, and you will achieve your goals in no time.”
~Vuk Bradic

“I’ve gone through a few of Chris’ courses. The concepts in here are essential to mastering your instrument. I struggle with knowing what to practice from the wealth of information that there is. Using Chris’ course, I’ve made more progress in the last couple months than at any other time. I’ve also gained confidence in playing which feels great…thanks Chris!”
~Troy H. -  B.C., Canada

"Chris is certainly the best jazz music teacher I've ever had, but he's more than that: he's one of the best teachers I've ever had--in any subject." He has a special talent for taking complex topics and breaking them down into the simplest possible parts.

Chris' lessons have been a huge help for me.
~ Ken Hiatt, Accordionist, Band Leader, Teacher - Waltham, MA

I’ve made the transition from classical to jazz keyboard largely due to your monster formula as it help me set useful goals after many months of wandering in a fragmented way and getting nowhere. That was about 1 1/2 years ago.

My latest focus has been listening, transcribing solos and playing what I hear in my head. As soon as i stop singing, I’m up in head thinking instead of hearing and feel lost. I can’t believe how this has changed my playing!! I’ve ordered Ran Blake’s Primacy of the Ear and can’t wait to read it. The psychologist in me is fascinated by the process of learning by hearing rather than more cognitive processing.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your knowledge.”
~ Ginny Simonds

Man, what can I tell you…I’ve been working with The Monster Jazz Formula for only 10 days now, but it changed the way I practice. I’m much more focused……2 weeks ago I bumped into one of your clips on the Internet. I actually believe that the whole thing was created for me:)
~Guy Shkolnik, Israel, Pianist

“The Monster Jazz Formula was nothing else than a fresh re-beginning of everything I learned since ever: My Music (and so my practicing) began to live and improved  10,000-Times!!!...thank you very much Chris now, practicing and performing is grand joy every day!!!...”
~ Stefan - Zürich, Switzerland

“There is no doubt that taking Joel’s course was key to the fact that I was able to start gigging within a couple of years time. Recommendations Joel made during his course still figure into how I structure my practice time.  In other words, I definitely apply what I learned five years ago directly into my playing today.  Joel’s course has enriched both my ability to communicate musically and also to listen to music in a deeper way.”
~ Charlotte Dumont, Bassist - Stoneham, MA

“I remember that on our first piano lesson, Joel asked me to improvise, but I could barely play. Now I feel I can improvise melodically and not be frustrated like I used to be. I recently played with some other students at a jam session, and everyone said I sound so good!
~ Zuo Wang, Jazz Pianist - China/Boston

It is safe to say that I am a better player and improviser today because of Joel and that studying with him led to my acceptance at Conservatory and a decision to start a career in music.

Now, as a gigging musician, we still keep in touch as colleagues and I consider him a great inspiration and mentor.”
~ Josiah Reibstein, Jazz Tubist and Composer - Lexington, MA

“I am a classically trained pianist who has tried to dabble in jazz improvisation through the years, but my attempts always ended in frustration. The jazz language is a very different paradigm! …After taking his course, I can easily read and play jazz chord symbols, sit at the piano and improvise, and identify jazz progressions by ear. Basically a new musical lease on life! I highly recommend Joel and his course.”
~ Cindy Goodof, Jazz Pianist - Needham, MA

“This is some powerful stuff. I got The Monster Jazz Formula over a year ago. The process of setting results based goals is one of the highlights of The Monster Jazz Formula. It really transforms your playing. You get faster results and your practicing becomes more enjoyable.

Hi Chris! I own the monster jazz formula since 2009, and it really changed my life!

Unfortunately, the modern life style is killing the wings of mind and free spirit, and people are not aware or do not believe what a human mind can do..Thank you for setting up my mind not only for musical, but life development also! True words of wisdom from a modern philosopher!
~Themis Nikoloudis, Violinist, Athens, Greece

As a teacher I see myself improving and also passing the knowledge in a more effective way!!!Thank you for sharing jazz monster formula!!!!
~Javier Vargas, Jazz Studies teacher at the National Conservatory in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Your method works ; it is efficient and it gives confidence.
~ Albert D. Haut-Ittre, Belgium

“Your Monster Jazz Formula is spot on! Next to my senior recital, I’ve found defining and refining my own values, goals, vision and mission… to be the most productive and enlightening exercises I’ve ever done.
~ Slide Ackerman, Boston, MA

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The 16+ courses including Playing The Changes, The Jazz Ear Training Workshop, The Jazz Practice Blueprint, Unlocking Your Creativity, Beyond The Practice Room, The Monster Jazz Formula, The Psychology of Musical Success, Minor Jazz Harmony and much, much more.

  • Course Videos

    Over 200 course videos with more coming all the time (Playable on any device)

  • Course Audios

    Audio tracks for every lesson so you can learn in the car, on the bus, etc

  • Practice Maps

    Dozens of ‘plug & play’ practice process maps to get you started quickly

  • Practice Plans

    Done For You Practice Plans you can start using ‘right out of the box’

  • Cheat Sheets

    Cheat sheets to help you easily learn and remember key lessons and concepts

  • Checklists

    Step by step checklists so you can be sure you’re not skipping important steps.

  • Worksheets

    Fill in the blank worksheets that do the heavy lifting for you

  • Resources

    All of our own recommended resources and practice tools

  • Interviews

    Interviews with professional jazz musicians like Boston Legend Andy Voelker

Plus tons of bonuses (more than I could list here)

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I hope to see you in the LJF Monthly Member’s dashboard. And I wish you much success with your music!

Dig It,

Chris Cooke


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